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Khyberpunk offers a unique entertainment experience suitable for all ages. Whether you’re a child exploring our captivating soft play area or an adult testing your skills on top-of-the-line pool tables, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The project involved developing and designing the website, adding a membership form with automated entries to an Excel sheet, implementing an event booking system, displaying Google maps for easy navigation, and publishing engaging weekly blogs. Additionally, I ensured SEO-friendly optimization and enhanced web security and backups.



  • Crafting an entertainment-focused website catering to a diverse audience.
  • Streamlining membership processes with automated Excel sheet entries.
  • Implementing a comprehensive event booking system for convenience.
  • Displaying Google maps to guide visitors to the venue.
  • Consistently publishing engaging and SEO-friendly weekly blogs.
  • Enhancing web security and backup routines.


  • Developed and designed a user-friendly website that aligns with Khyberpunk’s entertainment-focused mission.
  • Added a membership form with seamless entries to Excel sheets, simplifying management.
  • Implemented an efficient event booking system for hassle-free reservations.
  • Displayed Google maps for easy navigation to the venue.
  • Ensured a regular flow of engaging and SEO-friendly weekly blogs.
  • Optimized web security and backup processes for data protection.

Platform: WordPress

Tools: Elementor, Adobe XD